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Each educational product released is the result of painstaking work on the part of expert authors, editors, manufacturers and countless others who are committed to bringing students truly impactful learning materials.

A growing number of educational print products are counterfeit, and increasingly students are using pirated digital materials.

Fraudulent materials put students at risk: when these counterfeit textbooks end up in students’ hands, no safeguard exists to protect them from content that may be incomplete or inaccurate. Pirated eBooks and digital materials expose students to the risk of malware attacks and sanctions from their teaching institution.

These illegal materials also harm the economy and threaten the jobs of hard-working people who deeply care about improving education for every learner.

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“Stolen materials hurt students by driving up costs and limiting investment in new, more affordable products.  We are committed to fighting this illegal activity in all forms and are aggressively exploring additional ways to reduce its impact with our sales partners.”

—Michael E. Hansen, CEO, Cengage

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For Students: to ensure that you are purchasing something authentic, please go to or a trustworthy bookshop to be assured you’re getting a genuine Cengage product.

Never buy eBooks or digital products in PDF format, from other students or vendors such as Gumtree. Free, pirated eBooks and digital products expose you to malware attacks.


Authenticate. Get what you deserve

Many print products from Cengage U.S. feature a certification seal featuring a design — unique to each print unit — and a QR code on the cover of each print product. Scanning the QR code will confirm the product comes from Cengage — and meets our standards of excellence. When you see the QR code, use any QR app on your smartphone to confirm that the product comes from Cengage.

You can use or download any QR code reader from your mobile device app store to scan the QR code found on your book.

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Report piracy

If you see something, report something

You can report suspected piracy of Cengage material. We investigate every report of piracy, and our ability to follow up on leads depends greatly on the quality and completeness of the information provided.

Providing your identifying information is optional, although we encourage you to offer some means by which we may contact you should we have follow-up questions. Cengage will take reasonable steps to keep your identity strictly confidential when investigating reports of piracy. We will not use your information for any purposes other than to follow up on investigations.

Email [email protected] to report any instances of suspected piracy.

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